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Complement the architecture of your buildings with the timeless, European look of concrete paving stones installed with the spectacular Century System. For a paving system that requires clay or granite pavers, Decorative Paving Company presents the Manhatten System.

Take advantage of your useable space with our perfect option to create an attractive outdoor environment that doubles as a smart business investment, the Phoenix System. Finally, offering vertical and horizontal applications, the Geofirma System offers soil stabilization products used to prevent or reduce soil erosion. The following pages discuss the individual general description, specifications and installation criteria for the Century, Manhatten, Phoenix and Geofirma Systems offered by Decorative Paving Company.

Offering the largest selection of paving systems available in the market today, Decorative Paving Company provides you with versatility in design strategies, as well as professional consultation to make that variety work according to your specifications.

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