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The Geofirma System

Offering vertical and horizontal applications, the Geofirma System from Decorative Paving Company offers soil stabilization products used to prevent or reduce soil erosion. Decorative Paving Company provides the Geofirma System as a practical, ecologically sound solution to a growing need within the industry.

In a horizontal application, pavers with a special grid design allowing grass to grow through are used in a flexible system requiring no grout to hold them together. While it uses the same base requirements as the Century System, the Geofirma System utilizes a concrete unit with sections allowing for loose-textured soil which encourages grass to grow. The result? Additional parking space or emergency access areas created while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of an open lawn space.

That's what makes the Geofirma System from Decorative Paving Company a multi-purpose problem solver. Exactly why the Geofirma System has been used for overflow parking facilities and parks, historical sites, campuses and golf courses. Plus, the Geofirma System stabilizes grassy areas needed for emergency access like fire lanes, highway crossovers or runway shoulders.

But practicality and beauty are just the beginning. The Geofirma System from Decorative Paving Company provides a sound ecological answer to a problem created by many paved areas. The grid format minimizes storm runoff by allowing water to return directly into the ground, thus reducing the need for elaborate drainage structures. Plus the Geofirma System reduces solar heat, keeping nearby areas much cooler than asphalt paving. And for erosion control, the Geofirma System is invaluable…a way to solve an important environmental problem while maintaining the beauty of the area.

The Geofirma System also offers a sense of security. In any type of weather, emergency vehicles can access a building from all sides when it is surrounded by the Geofirma System…an asset that could save time and even lives in a crisis situation. The system is particularly useful on roadways and curved areas where the grids alert drivers to pay extra attention. It also eliminates poor visibility from dust and mud caused by traffic on unpaved surfaces.

In a vertical application, the Geofirma System can be installed as a wall-shapes structure anywhere you want to create a change in elevation or grade variance. No tie backs. No foundation. And no mortar. Just a durable, attractive Geofirma System available in curved, stepped or straight applications-all maintenance-free.

Decorative Paving Company specializes in this system for a variety of applications including terraces, retaining walls, embankment and slope-protection application, curbs and noise-protection mounds.

Besides being simple and quick to install, the Geofirma System in a vertical installation requires no footing. The concrete units won't rot or require replacement, and they are available in textured surfaces. And, while the system guards against soil erosion, it provides a beautiful landscape element that can follow the contour of you particular area.

Vertically or horizontally, the Geofirma System is an excellent way to blend the beauty of nature and the elegance of paving stones into a system that is practical and economical. A smart alternative to reduce the hard surface pavements and to maintain the look of a lawn area, the Geofirma System can be installed quickly and economically by the professionals at Decorative Paving Company. Let Decorative Paving Company help you incorporate the Geofirma System into your landscape plan.

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Features of the Permeable Paving System

A. The unique, patented design features funnel-like openings in the pavement surface which facilitate rainwater infiltration, thereby reducing or eliminating stormwater runoff and maximizing groundwater recharge and/or storage.

B. Lessens or eliminates downstream flooding, stream bed and bank erosion, and mitigates pollution impact on surrounding surface waters.

C. Decreases project costs by reducing or eliminating drainage and retention systems required by impermeable pavements and reduces cost of compliance with many stormwater regulatory requirements.

D. Permits better land-use planning, allowing more efficient use of available land for greater economic value.

E. Provides a highly durable, yet permeable pavement surface capable of supporting vehicular loads.

Construction of a Permeable Pavement is similar to that of traditional solid pavers (a flexible pavement with pavers as the wearing course, a bedding layer, base, subbase, and subgrade), with design considerations for water in-flow. The entire pavement system, including the surface, the underlying base, subbase and subgrade, must be designed as a complete system to insure that all project objectives are met. As with all pavements, the individual material properties, pavement function, traffic load, drainage requirements, environmental conditions, and other special considerations must be addressed by the designer for each application. More detailed information on designing flexible pavements is available in Rollings and Rollings.

*For more details regarding permeable design contact us via e-mail at kevin@decorativepaving.com or by phone (513) 576-1222.

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