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Crosswalk Alternative Solutions

Modular pavers have been used by cities and municipalities as a visual means of delineating pedestrian areas in streets and parking lots. We have been involved with various types of segmental installations from California to New York and Chicago to New Orleans utilizing concrete and clay pavers with rigid and or flexible systems in vehicular applications. We have constructed crosswalks with and without concrete grade beams. The long term durability of crosswalks and performances has been less than stellar. We would suggest that a better use of segmental pavers that would allow for load transfer and interlock to happen and improve performance and durability, would be to pave the entire intersection.

Louisville, KY and Marion, IN are examples of modular pavers performing as a road surface, a pedestrian crosswalk and an enhancement that is appreciated by the taxpayers of these cities.

The Louisville project was performed within a forty-eight hour time frame and minimized the usual frustration to drivers and business owners. Our Manhattan system was employed as a setting bed for the concrete pavers and was placed over an existing asphalt binder that was milled to the proper grade. The fleur-de-lis was a CAD generated design and required no cutting.

The Marion project is a state highway and was installed with an Century system over an asphalt binder course. Four intersections surrounding the courthouse were completed with crosswalks delineated with paver color and pattern change. Truck traffic and heavy axle loading is being accommodated by our Century system. The city officials of Marion are so pleased with this product that existing brick streets are being scheduled for repair or replacement with our Century system.

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