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As the industry leader, Decorative Paving Company offers the nation's finest, most thorough installation services. Beginning with consultation and material selection through installation and follow-through, the company tends to every detail, assuring accuracy at every turn, and building your confidence through quality results. While Decorative Paving Company is the leader in traditional, hand-installed paving systems, it is also the first company in the United States to employ mechanical installation methods-easing both labor and time involved-and dramatically reducing your costs.

This new innovation-and continued pioneering efforts-puts Decorative Paving Company at the forefront of the industry, paving the way into the next century.With more than two decades of experience in manufacturing, installing and distributing paving systems, Decorative Paving Company has earned an international reputation for excellence. Decorative Paving Company is founded on dependability, integrity and dedication to quality.

Whether routine or complex, your project is managed by people of uncompromising standards-who work with you as partners-and are sensitive to the demands of a competitive building industry. Their depth of experience, enthusiasm and insight yield the best, most productive paving solutions.

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